Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I was down for the count the last couple days, almost sick, not quite well, in that limbo in between...

The Denman Maroney Quintet conquered Baltimore this weekend! Thanks to Bernard and the crew from An Die Musik for treating us so well. I had a blast playing on Denman's evil charts, as usual. Ned drove which was as luxurious for me and it was fun to get into some iPod shuffle-play blindfold testing. Ned stumped me yet again with a Jaki Byard quartet date, and I got him with Alan Shorter's "Orgasm."

This friday we hit Real Art Ways in Hartford, and The Flynn in Burlington, and then it's back to Brooklyn to bring Denman's new thing to CIM on Douglass St. http://www.schoolforimprov.org/ Check it out...

Before I go I'm playing Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick with World on A String (Wednesday) and Thursday I'm at the Tea Lounge with Laura Cromwell's Queen Moonracer. Busy week!

Speaking of "revived," I'm doing a rare performance of my trio music on Nov 24th at the Jalopy Theater in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Details to follow, but we'll be playing the hits from "Intersections," with Matt Moran on vibes, and Matt Bauder on clarinets.

Another revival coming up soon is the Nate Wooley Quartet, hitting it at CIM on the 25th. Color me psyched!