Thursday, February 19, 2009

airwaves & soundwaves

Hi everybody,

This has been a really odd week for me, starting with a very satisfying trip to play the Red Room in Baltimore with the great Jen Baker. Devin Hurd reviewed our performance at his (always stimulating and well-written) blog:

A sneak peek:

"The two minds at work displayed an uncanny sense of timing that allowed for natural contours to develop and the rare improvisational feat of collaborative conclusions."

We play our last gig of this run together tonight in Brooklyn at the Infrequent Seams series at Dakar in Clinton Hill. Come on down!

Next wednesday the 25th at 6pm eastern I'll be the guest on the Musician Show on WKCR. Listen at 89.9 FM in NYC or listen online from anywhere! gets you to the live feed. I'll be playing some of my music and that of the group Crackleknob w/ Mary Halvorson and Nate Wooley. Our CD is due out in 2 months on Hat Art. I'll also be plying lots of music by my friends and influences and no doubt some of these recordings will be a surprise to some. I really hope you'll tune in.

The other thing going on this week was that I had surgery to crush a giant stone lodged in my left kidney. It seemed to go well! The procedure I had is explained here:

Fun to think that I was healed by sound. I was out cold at the time so I have no memory of the experience. I'm having to take it kinda easy today, but I'm not in pain, and that is a real blessing.


forbes said...

glad to hear that you are ok with the kidney stone situation, and that you had a good time in baltimore!

Harris Eisenstadt said...

ditto that.... glad to hear you're feeling better dude!

billphoria said...

My friend never received his,THIS IS NOT AN EXIT CD.Please send him his copy.Love your music!I'll send you money too,or whatever,you can have my cat or I'll send you something you want but can't find...this music is particularly important Bill

Reuben Radding said...

Hey Bill! I believe your friend has received his CD by now. Thanks for looking out!

billphoria said...

Thanks,so much! I was at the Chapel Hill show;which makes three CDs,I'm 'on':)NOT AN EXIT,Allman's-Live Atlanta Internationall Pop Fest,1970,and Rempis Percussion Quartet-Hunter Gatherers

Took up running after my bout with kidney stones:stone free since 93...
Had the more invasive route.OUCH!